The Farm


Our History

The Orciaverde Organic Farm is located on the slopes of Monte Amiata, about 250 meters above sea level, along the Orcia river, which separates it from Montalcino.

The particularly propitious microclimate and an average calcareous soilset up the basic premises to produce valuable wines and a very good extra virgin IGP olive oil.


Since 1998, with the institution of DOC Montecucco, the farm has been turning more and more its interest to cultivate vine, mainly planting sangiovese clones, a very hard to manage autochthonous species of vine, but which gives excellent results in these places.

Currently the producing plants cover a surface of about 4 hectares, but are going to increase in the future.


The farm, which extends for over 40 hectares, cultivates also forages and cereals, in particular durum wheat, applying complete respect for the environment. A warrant of this is the fact that we have been among the first to believe in the validity of “agri-quality brand” project and “integrated method”, the so-called “white butterfly”, which recalls a clean and pure nature.

Finally in 2007, Orciaverde becomes a certified organic farm by ICEA.With the same care that is devoted to the production of oil and wine Orciaverde offers accommodation in 2 buildings, “Antico Casale” in stone and a small “Dependance” completely independent, offering spectacularv views of one of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany: Montalcino, Castelnuovo dell’Abate, Castello Banfi, all just minutes away.